If you happen to be one of the few chosen to join Ron Miller on stage, you’ll know exactly what to expect. Ron makes a concerted effort to provide a complete explanation of events … prior to the start of the show. He possesses complete control of what is happening on stage and with each volunteer, allowing nothing to occur that may cross the lines of good taste. Hypnotist Ron Miller delivers only good, clean fun – interactive and hilarious.


Ron Miller weaves his hypnotic spells and hilarious hi-jinks into an action-packed presentation, about 60 to 80 minutes in length. The show is designed to fit everyone’s agenda, whether it’s a family get-together, a couple’s date or a corporate field trip of sorts. Whether you are looking to have a good time or build a bond between co-workers, Ron Miller is entertainment value at the highest level.

Great for High Schools, Colleges, Churches, Corporations and Fairs! Call Today!